Good things aren’t coming . . . they are already here.

I’m taking too long getting up a post about May 4, 2022.
That day was one of the worst in my life because of what I had to do.

The week was also bad, but it didn’t really matter at that point.

Now, a year later, and my life is much better.

I need to revisit the past some in this upcoming post, but I’m weary of doing so. That’s an excellent sign. Now, I have more tangible “evidence” that my life is flowing again in the right direction.

This blog will now reflect that, as much as possible. I’m determined, as I have been from the start, to show how to get through burnout and other challenges. I’ve tried to avoid “sugar-coating” my experiences. However, I’ve also kept insisting this was a journey, and I don’t give up hope.

This week has been proof, at least for me, that if you give up, you won’t ever know what the outcome could have been. That doesn’t mean you can fix everything instantly or even at all! It does mean learning what (or whom) you can and cannot handle, whom you can trust, and standing up for yourself against those who clearly don’t mind causing or minimizing your pain.

I’ve learned enough this past couple of years to write a book about – or a book’s worth of blogs. Now, I think I’m entering into a new phase, one that, I hope, will be the flip side, the positive outcome, of my work and learning as I’ve gone through negative experiences.

I’m late on the post I wanted for May 4, but I need to keep editing it. Maybe I’m not actually late: it will be here when it’s ready and not a moment sooner!

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