There is one thing that is always my fault.

In trying to figure out who may be at fault for something that has happened, no matter how good my intentions, there is one fact that I can be sure of:

Spending too much time worrying about something that may not be determinable or productive is my fault.

As someone told me yesterday, quite succinctly:

“Guilt and worry are useless emotions. Guilt is focused on the past; worry on the future. Focus on right now.”(approximate quote)

It’s not new or profound advice.

I’ve heard it all my life.

You probably have as well.

I’ve heard many times in the past few years.

For several reasons, it felt different hearing it this time.

In part, it was phrased well, and I’m certain this person has had many opportunities to give that advice to people in the past, when they have gone to her for help.

She has helped me in the past, as I’ve recalled her words of wisdom from time to time. Finally, rather than offering this advice suddenly, she had listened to me for a long time. Instead of giving any indication I needed to quit annoying her, I was clearly welcome to stay as long as I wanted.

I am getting out of the past, and I’m likely going to make a major decision or two soon to make that more of a reality. I haven’t felt this free or happy in a long time.

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