Just passing through: time to be more Stoic.

I’m now trying to imagine myself just passing through from place to place. That is, after all, what life is, passing through time. Of course, there is more, but it’s all just an illusion to help us make it from point to point. Illusions aren’t bad or good. They just are there.

If a door isn’t there, don’t try to make one. Find another door, another way. Maybe you don’t need a door. It doesn’t matter. Have a plan? Fine. No plan? Fine. Just pass on, minimally. Stop and smell a flower if you like. Or, don’t stop. Sing a new song, an old song, or no song. Pass on from one place to the next.

We do, eventually, all “pass on” in the end, so we might as well embrace that mindset as soon as we can. There is almost nothing we can control that makes much difference besides what is right in front of us. That is our focus. Nothing else. My way forward is to be more like this. Yes, more like my wife. I’ve always known that. She is very stoic.

I tell my kids to think like me and act like her. Maybe I have that backwards.

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