The moment your life makes no sense – again.

Autism: every day is a great opportunity to discover ways your life seems completely backwards, no matter how hard and how long you’ve tried.

Autism: it’s safer being alone. It just is. People can still be mean, but, at least you don’t have to look at them (not that you really ever would the right way).

Autism: when everyone gives you advice, and it all seems authentic and with good intentions until none of it seems good because some of it was not good.

Autism: is not so black and white, until people tell us it is. You try to see grey, but others lead you from it.

Autism: misunderstood, constantly.

Autism: a friend is just the next person who is going to get annoyed with you.

Autism: a friend is always one step away from hurting you because they got upset at you when someone told you they were taking advantage of you.

Autism: strangers are nice than friends.

Autism: safety without numbers.

Autism: being blamed but rarely knowing why.

Autism: accused for being controlling by those you thought were controlling you. And, you never know what is true.

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