I’m above average! (Life expectancy and autism.)

The statistics on life expectancy and autism are sobering, assuming you believe living longer is better, with all other variables considered as well.

From Amy Marschall’s article on verywellmind.com

Autistic people have significantly lower life expectancies than the rest of the population. In 2022, the average global life expectancy is approximately 72 years old. For autistic people, though, the average life expectancy ranges from 39.5 years to 58 years.

This statistic is based on research from, among other places, the article: Bridging the Gap Between Physical Health and Autism Spectrum Disorder(Sala, Amet, Blagojevic-Stokic, Shattock, and Whiteley).

Other research shows different results, but, the general consensus is that the average lifespan of autistics is considerably less than average.

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