I don’t need ten opinions. I just need the right advice.

I’m tired of too much unsolicited advice. I used to ignore it, to some degree, but it got stuck in my head over time. Now, I’m trying to completely ignore it, though somehow, it keeps showing up.

Instead of getting stuck and making a mistake like I did in the past, I’m just going to get this fixed now. I possibly took a bit too long, but I didn’t realize it right away. That’s fine. It’s a big improvement, I feel. A few days is better than years.

I don’t have any agenda. But, I need the right advice or simply exchange of information. I’m not really an agenda-driven person as much as a creativity-driven one. The only agenda is to just create things to try to make the world a better place and to communicate with others in a better way than I can with words. “Object lessons” are helpful when words are not enough. Animate or otherwise, “things” are useful, otherwise we wouldn’t have them. I know that’s in opposition to some autistics, but I’m in the creative category.

I am so late getting to basic human tasks today. I was creating for hours and lost track of the time. I have no use for silly humans anymore, unless they can convince me. I’ll give them a chance. I owe them that, I think.

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