A New Hope (Part 2)

(If you don’t know anything of Star Wars, this post won’t make any sense.)

I forgot about Sithius and any apprentices.


Did Luke give up on Sithius? I guess he did. Vader had to rescue Luke in the end, to rescue himself. It’s not one-way. That’s the problem. So, it’s fine. It’s not a perfect analogy anyway, and many reading this are probably complete confused (if you don’t know Star Wars).

The Ewoks can be compelling, but they are not piloting my X-Wing. I just need a good R2 unit to help out. My wife is sort of like that. Hmm . . . I wonder if that nickname would stick?

I digress . . .

I’m not going to throw myself headlong into a Death Star just because some people tell me I should. I have no desire to add stress to my life.

Besides, I don’t have to be Luke when I can play a simulation! Online friends can be just as good (or better) than real life ones. You don’t have to sort through all the usual NT b.s. of communication.

So, that plan I had a few days ago, made early in the morning? I can scrap it. It was designed for people who were willing to see the good in each other and not the bad. It was a plan that was designed more to help others than myself, and that’s the part they will never understand. Oh, well. They can remain on the Death Star together. I don’t want or need to be there.

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