A life of double-standards? It certainly feels that way.

Autism is likely the culprit for the following double-standards to exist, or, at a minimum, be perceived to exist, in my life. It also could be due to past trauma or just to the idiosyncrasies of the people I’m around. But, I think autism is the key. I also don’t know how to disengage from confusing situations.

When I need help, people often refuse to help me, but they will help others.

When they require help, people frequently refuse to accept it from me, but they will accept it from others.

When I follow the rules, I get in trouble. But, when others break the rules, I also get in trouble.

If I defend a person from attacks from others, that person will regularly not come to my defense. Worse yet, they will sometimes end up attacking me for defending them!

If I try to be funny, I often get in trouble. Yet, others will make fun of me and don’t usually get in trouble for it.

When someone uses some supposedly inappropriate innuendo, and I suggest it’s a bad idea, I’m told to, “lighten up.” If I do the exact thing, I’m told I’ve done something horribly wrong.

When I’m honest, I get in trouble. When others are dishonest, they don’t get in trouble.

When I’m honest, I get hurt. When others are dishonest, I get hurt.

If I make a mistake, I get punished overly severely. If others make a mistake, I get punished as well.

If I try to set up or clarify boundaries with another person, they refuse to let me. If they go to set up boundaries with me, they refuse to explain.

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