Why couldn’t people just leave me and my friend alone?

I haven’t finished a very long post on how others trick me into thinking my friends don’t like me. Maybe I never will. At this point, why does it even matter?

It seems like a common them in autism, at least for me.

For some reason, people didn’t want me to be friends with someone who actually understood me. They didn’t understand either of us. That’s the point! They thought they were doing me a favor, but they were just clueless or envious, or both.

I can’t even pick my own friends . . . or, I’m always told they are the “wrong” ones, the “bad” ones. Then, the people who have repeatedly told me my friends don’t like me somehow end up hanging out with them. Funny how that works . . .

I hate myself. Thanks, everyone, who made that possible.

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