I think the Magnificat was also for the “other” Mary.

She just never figured it out. Neither did most people.

It’s too hard of a sell, and you have to sell!

Besides, the other Mary is in the way of, you know, the one who did everything “right” and didn’t cause any trouble, kind of like my wife. For them, the institution is more important than the people in it.

But, there is the “good” Mary and the “bad” Mary, and I get punished for taking up for the “bad” one. Maybe it’s because I live with the “good” one, or perhaps they are separate. It doesn’t matter. I guess people are right. The Magnificat was for the “good” Mary, as the “bad” one will -as I have been told by an “expert” on such things-take advantage of you. It’s too bad I find the “bad” Mary so darn compelling. I feel like some other crazy person once did too, long ago. He got in trouble for it as well. Then, there are the ones who will capitalize on the “crazy” ideas of others while not believing it themselves. Talk is cheap, but it can be valuable! (Hey, I like that . . . did I just invent it. Hmm? Probably not.)

As bad as this all is, I got punished far worse and considerably much longer for protecting my sister, so I know that’s the cost of following this path.

The truth exists no matter how much people want to hide it. The answers lie in WHO is upset and WHY they are upset.

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