Forget the “kick me” sign. Just give me the “I’ll be your scapegoat if you ask me” banner.

Need a scapegoat? Just look for your “favorite” autistic (or mentally ill) person. We won’t see it coming, we’ll be happy someone is being friendly, and always think we deserved whatever blame a person puts on us. We will obsess endlessly over what went wrong, and, when we think we’ve figured it out, we will get thrown off track again. Then, we will get in trouble for trying to get back on track!

That is, unless we have enough time to sort it out and somehow get the courage to do something about it.

In terms of courage, that’s why people bully us, to suppress what we know about them, what they’ve done to us and others. We see the truth, but they lead us away from it. It is so confusing that we end up unable to process what is going on. We take the easiest path out: self-blame and isolation. There is where we feel safest, away from most people. Some, like me, are lucky enough to have a person who can take care of basic needs. Others just end up homeless or dead, both of which only “prove” to others we were worthy scapegoats.

Forget the “kick me” sign. Just give me the “I’ll be your scapegoat if you ask me” banner.

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