Let’s do some VERY basic math.

Scale -3 to +3

JOB No/little JOB
People -3 2
$$$ 3 -2
Creativity -1 2
Anxiety -3 -1
Self-worth 2 -3
Good example for kids 2 -1
Executive Functioning -3 1
Physical Stress -3 3
Happiness -1 -2
Special Interest 1 2
I upset other people -3 1
TOTAL -9 2

It’s not like people miss me. That’s the best part of all. I never meant more than providing a service, and I might as well be dead as far as they care.

And, why would I want to be around people who don’t want me around them except to make fun of me or use me? It seems rather obvious. Very obvious.

I’m going back to working on the projects I want to work on and will maintain contact with a very few people I think I can actually trust.

But, I’ll wake up every morning thinking about all the people I used to think liked and accepted me.

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