A quick preview for the long close of the year.

I’ve survived Christmas!

New Year’s is easy as I’m back home.

My children are all here, as is my wife. The dogs are well. It’s a moment of tranquility to end the year. That is good. All of us together at our home for about twenty hours! Ha. Then, they start to leave.

The new year will be a fresh start. I have no idea what it will bring, but I’m fine with that. The past few years have been so brutal. All is not perfect, there is work to be done, and I’ll be writing on that.

Some things to heal, some to let go, and how to figure these out is tricky for me.

Time for some games while I can. I’m being called away, but that’s good. Someone wants to do something with me, and that’s nice.

Keep going. 2023 will be here soon.

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