SO MANY IDEAS—a quick update about My Autistic Journal

My brain is fully engaged in hyper-creative mode. That’s fun and exciting but also makes me vulnerable to being more irritated when interrupted by others, irritating when I’m interrupting others, annoying when not interrupted or interrupting, and, in general, it exacerbates certain ASD/ADHD traits. So, it’s a mixed bag. But, there’s usually something good in the bag, hopefully with nothing bad attached.

When I’m being the most intelligent about this, I will take notes and sketch out ideas, but not “flesh them out” until I’m in my normal creative mode.

As such, I’m going to share what I’m sketching out at present, and you can expect to see them in the near future, if all goes according to plan. (That’s a cue to laugh on behalf of at least one autistic person.) Furthermore, managing expectations when excited about a project—or a “special interest” as N.T.s want us to say—is important.

So, here is what I’m working on.

First, as I now have started over two hundred—yes, two hundred—articles, I need to focus on writing them. My journal is also now available as a podcast, but I need to keep adding posts and figuring out some nuances of the podcasting world and widen their availability.

One primary focus is to work on new parts of the website.

These include pages for visual art, a robust autism reference guide, and an autism quote of the day. Moreover, I am considering THINK POSITIVE, a section covering good parts of ASD. Perhaps I will have an Autism Hall of Fame featuring people on the spectrum or pioneers who have had a major positive impact on the autistic community. And, I’m considering adding clear and informative resources for employers, family members, and friends. Finally, I’d also like to include some fun ASD-related activities.

Moving on from the website work, I am setting up a Patreon account and deciding how to use it, as I need to make this financially viable enough to keep working on it as much as I’d like to.

I am learning some rudimentary graphic design, so I can begin to add some graphic videos to YouTube. This is fun, but it takes a lot of time to learn from scratch. I have the ideas but not the skills yet, but it’s something I’ve thought about doing for years.

Another idea is to create physical products relating to autism that would be available through various retailers or as Patreon rewards. A long-term goal is to make some ASD-related apps.

Finally, I’m forming goals and timelines for these projects and the response to them, and considering ways to manage my expectations for the results.

Whew! This all makes me tired. Getting this down helps me feel better and more focused, and that’s part of what a journal is for.

#ASD, #AUTISM, #ActuallyAutistic

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