This is what I wish people would understand about my autism.

These wishes are vital to my well-being and should help you understand me better. Dismissing them is very hurtful. This is true for anyone with a condition, mental or physical, that presents challenges the average person doesn’t face.

  1. My brain IS different. All those jokes you were telling at my expense are more true than you realize. Occasionally, I join in on making fun of myself, just so I can fit in with your narrative.
  2. Please be patient with me when I don’t understand you.
  3. Please LISTEN to me when I’m asking for help.
  4. I feel emotions very deeply, and if I upset you, it just about kills me.
  5. Hurting another person is not something I’d ever do intentionally.
  6. Be. Very. Clear. With. Instructions. Repeat as needed. Don’t get mad if I don’t understand the first time around. Or the second, or third. I want to understand!
  7. Please allow me to ask questions! I’m trying to avoid problems, not annoy you.
  8. If I am too upset or hurt, that will affect my brain, and I don’t need any more challenges with my brain than I already have.
  9. You – yes, YOU – should consider your part in how you treat people with any mental or physical condition. This is especially true if they have told you, even if you don’t believe them or understand. Why risk hurting more a person who is already suffering? That is exactly happens when you don’t take us seriously.
  10. Do not take advantage of me! Many people have. That causes insecurity, which then makes me either withdrawal from people or get taken advantage of again. Don’t take advantage of anyone!
  11. If you turn my friends against me, that is cruel beyond words. It’s hard enough making friends as it is.
  12. Do not tell me to avoid certain people while you want to avoid me.
  13. If you trick me into upsetting my friends, you need to consider what kind of person you are. This has happened numerous times to me since I was a child, including quite recently.
  14. I’ve had so many years of pain at the hands of others. Some was intentional, some was not. Some was harmless; some was traumatic. I really don’t want to be sorting this out anymore. So, just be nice and ask questions if something confuses you.
  15. There will be times, especially when I’m stressed, when I will not understand what you are doing and I’m unable to explain myself very well. Keep that in mind – always.
  16. Do not abandon me if I’m having a crisis. Do not abandon anyone in mental (or physical) distress. If you can’t handle it, find someone who can right away. I might be annoying, but I wouldn’t ever want to leave you alone.
  17. I mostly likely don’t have as many friends as you. Every so often, I forget that.
  18. Don’t automatically assume that all autistic people to be bad or dangerous, and I won’t consider all non-autistic people to be bad or dangerous. Do we have a deal?

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