How about some GOOD news?

I’ll take my encouragement from wherever I can at the moment.

October 6, 2022:

Thank you for all the views, as well as some follows, likes, and comments. It’s nice to know at least someone is paying attention. The online autism community is rather extensive and growing. After all, many of us find computers to be easier to deal with than people.

I just looked and realized I have over one hundred ideas for posts! I’ve spent a lifetime wanting to express some things, and I’ll get them out now that I’m as free from almost all obligations at the moment. Also, I’m working on some other aspects of this site, so keep coming back for more, as you wish.

Finally, this is a journal, detailing my journey, and it is starting off –quite unexpectedly– at one of the lowest points in my life. That’s depressing, but I’m hoping the overall trajectory of this will be going up soon and even out over time, like one should reasonably expect in life. And, if it doesn’t, it’s still meant to be informative and helpful to other people. It would have been nice to have learned some of these ideas a long time ago, the way most apparently can.

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2 responses to “How about some GOOD news?”

    1. Thank you. We keep going.

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