Two steps behind.

After many years of research, testing, counseling, journaling, notes, and a final battery of testing over several days, I was formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 1. Hooray, a diagnosis!

Well, not so fast. Somehow, in a mean twist of fate (or just meanness), in spite of my best efforts and commitment of money and time, I still was relegated to the ranks of the unemployed, even though everyone thought I was very good at my job. Why? That’s a great question . . . for another post. But, before that, I have a lot more of my story to tell you, and I’m doing it through this journal.

Welcome to MyAutisticJournal, originally just a blog at, and now expanding into a podcast and greater social media presence. Come join me as I work to understand and explain autism from an in-depth and personal perspective. Topics range from communication challenges, making and keeping good friends, overcoming the loss of friends, family dynamics, trust issues after past trauma, how to be an autistic parent to autistic children, being a good autistic partner, choosing to reveal a diagnosis, jobs and careers, general mental health, dealing with job loss, feeling like an outsider, rejection, wanting to fit in with your peers, and so many more of the struggles common to Autism Spectrum Disorder from a very personal and current perspective.

Thank you for your support.

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